Days 4,5 and 6-DISNEYLANDDDD!

The last few days have been pretty amazing. I’ve been at Disneyland for two of them, and California Adventure park for the day in between. Instead of writing millions of paragraphs about my experience, I figured that a picture says a thousand words, so that’s what I’m going to show you.

DAY 4 – 1st day of Disney.


Day 5 – California Adventure Park


Day 6 – 2nd day of DisneyLand


PS: Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth 💩🎇💜     



Days 2 & 3: Long time, No blog!


So, it’s been a while, yes. However, the last two days have been EXTREMELY hectic, so I haven’t really had any time.  Since I have to fit so much into one blog post now, I’ll try to just do the highlights of my trip from where I left off 🙂 

-Tuesday was actually my mum’s birthday, so my sister Lucy and I got up early to make her a card… Our brothers eventually joined us though, because my ten-year old brother Tom is really the only kid in our family who can cook without something exploding

-The rest of the day was fairly uneventful and peaceful….

-At about 7pm we left for the airport, we checked ourselves and our luggage in, and then we got to go hang out in the Koru lounge. 

 That is a picture of the delicious chocolate mousse that I had for dessert 😊💩🍫

-We boarded the plane at about 9:30 pm and I quickly made myself at home and selected a film 

-At about 11:15 pm NZ time, we had dinner on the plane, and although I found my curry a little spicy, it definitely wasn’t bad!

-After listening to some music for a while, the lights in the plane went off and I eventually managed to sleep for a couple of hours. 

-I woke up and watched another movie, I got about halfway through, but it was then time for brekkie!

That’s a picture of Lucy with her breakfast on the plane.

-After breakfast, I finished the movie I was watching, and then just relaxed for the final two hours of our 11 hour flight from Auckland to L.A.

-The rest is pretty boring, we got off the plane, went through customs and got a taxi to our hotel, so I won’t go into detail there.

-By the time we got to our hotel it was almost 6pm, therefore it was time to decide what we were gonna put in our stomachs for dinner. 

-It took us a while, but we eventually found out that our hotel was serving free dinner that night.

-We ate our hotdogs by the pool, kept on swimming until it was pretty late and then we eventually all took showers, brushed our teeth and went to sleep after a LONG day.


Day 1- The Journey Begins!


My journey (to the U.S.A, see About page for more info.) began with a six-and-a-half hour car trip to Auckland. I got out of school at 2-ish (later than planned, as I was presenting a speech to my class when my mum arrived to collect me.) We then went to my siblings’ school. My mother persuaded me to go fetch them from their classes, and after a bit of confuzzlement as to which classes they were in, we were all in the car and heading home. At home, my mum packed up all her stuff, and in suitably late time, we finally got out the door.

By 5pm, my youngest brother was already complaining of starvation, so we stopped at a gas station to grab snacks and have a toilet break. The guy at the counter was super nice, and he was actually from California, which is where we are going. He told us three things, they were:

  1. We should DEFINITELY visit the San Diego Zoo, which I’d actually seen in a recent episode of Cupcake Wars, and looked EPIC.
  2. The Marina (not sure which one.) was probably the BEST in the WORLD.
  3. In-N-Out Burger. Go there and bring him back a double bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake. I told him that I’d try to.

So, after that we were back on the road. At about 7pm, we stopped in Taumaranui (hope I spelled that correctly.) and had a lovely, nutritious dinner of … Maccas! I had a hamburger (with extra pickles, of course!) and we all got water bottles, as we were THIRS-TY!

Mum informed us that we would now be on the longest stretch between towns, and it would probably be at least another hour until we got to the next one. “To pass the time,” she said joyfully. “It’s time for another one of Mum’s good ol’ history lessons.” (Not her exact words, mind you, but you get the point.)

For the next hour, she listed the entire English monarchy, with a few exceptions, from about Henry IV onwards. My siblings were especially fascinated with Henry VIII and his six wives. “Yay!” They squealed. “More beheading!” (their exact words.)

By the time we had made it to our current queen, it had been slightly over an hour and we were in Te Kuiti. The rest of the car ride was extraordinarily uneventful, so I won’t write about my attempts to fall asleep.

We eventually got to Auckland at almost 11pm. Our Grammy quickly ushered us into the house out of the cold. We quickly got changed into our PJs and went to bed.